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Window Shutters in Dubai

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Revamp Your Home with Premium Window Shutters Dubai

Are you tired of dull and outdated window coverings of yours in Dubai? That lack the captivating factor, or does privacy remain an ongoing concern, with excessive sunlight streaming into your space? Look no further! At 247 curtains and blinds Dubai, we have solutions specifically to address that sort of issues. In Dubai, we offer a stunning collection of premium window shutters that will completely transform your home.

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are simply panels which cover the whole window which are great for privacy, noise control and privacy all while maintains a high level of aesthetics. they fit any type of window or door in Dubai UAE.


Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters cover your entire window which have independent openings on the top and bottom so you have entire control and manoeuvrability when it comes to light control and privacy.


Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters are half the size of full sized shutters and are designed to cover the bottom half of your window while leaving the top half clear for maximum light to pass through.


Shaped Shutters

Shaped shutters Dubai are ideal for unconventional windows that are arched, round or angled. these are measured at every single angle to ensure a perfect fit to your window which can turn awkward windows into grand features.


Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters Dubai are of which that are made to fit your window from top to
bottom and are guided with a specially made track creating a flush sliding mechanism.


Get Rid Of Dull And Outdated Window Coverings

Say goodbye to your old, dull, and outdated window coverings and embrace the serenity with window shutters. Our window shutters Dubai are designed meticulously with style and sophistication in mind, enough to elevate your interiors with elegance. Whether your home boasts a modern, contemporary, traditional aesthetics, we have the perfectly curated window shutters that surely complement your unique style.

Take Control Over Privacy And Sunlight

Dubai is a busy land with scorching sunlight. If your window coverings are not that capable then surely you are tired of feeling like there are always prying eyes infringing on your privacy. Also we understand your struggle with sunlight that floods into your space and creating discomfort. Try window shutters by us and embrace tranquility. With perfectly curated louvers, you can effortlessly adjust the amount of light coming into your space. That’s how you can create a serene ambiance and safeguarding your privacy.

Enhance Your Interior Décor With Stylish Shutters In Dubai

Are you searching for a stylish way to enhance your interior décor in Dubai? Our meticulously selected window shutters are just simply enough to have that elegance into your home. We offer window shutters with a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Crafted with only high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. There is a wide variety available for you, from limitless selection of colors to durable materials. Our shutters will truly become a captivating factor in your interior.

Durability Meets Versatility: Discover Window Shutters In Dubai

Invest in long lasting, multi functional window shutters in Dubai, try us and explore the strength of sharply curated window shutters. Are you searching for a long lasting yet elegant window coverings for your space in Dubai? Well 247 curtains and blinds can help you there. We have well crafted window shutters using premium materials and they are sharply designed to withstand the test of time. Our window shutters offer a long-lasting solution that caters to your evolving needs.

Investing in window shutters in Dubai is directly propostional to investing in the long-lasting aesthetics and functionality of your space. Constructed from top-quality materials, they are made to resist fading, warping, and damage, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time.


Window Shutters in Dubai FAQs

Q: What are some advantages of window shutters?

There are tons of benefits install window shutters as primary in your home. Some of major ones are enhancing the overall privacy, effective light control, insulation, durability, importantly high-quality aesthetics.

Q: Are window shutters for all types windows?

Yes, window shutters are surely an mature option for any windows, regardless to their size. 247 curtains and blinds offer limitless customizations so you can endup having a perfectly fit window shutters for your home.

Q: Can window shutters help reducing noise?

Window shutters are from the family of hard window coverings which certainly best of noise reduction. And surely window shutters can help achieving tranquility in your space by reducing much of noise.

Q: Can window shutters help me achieve energy-effeciency?

Surely, window shutters can help you regulate temperature by insulating against heat loss or gain, resulting in reduce energy comsuption. This is something why window shutters are ideal window coverings for Dubai.

Q: Can clean and maintain the window shutters easily?

Yes, the window shutters made by 247 curtains and blinds are certainly made of meticulousely selected high-quality materials, with regular dusting and occasional wiping with a damp cloth are usually enough to maintaining them for a long time.

Q: Are window shutters child and pet-friendly?

Window shutters are generally a safer solution for a home with children or pets. By default there are no such cords or string dangling in window shutters hence they are probably are smart investment.

Q: Can I have a consultation before purchasing the window shutters?

247 curtains and blinds Dubai, make it easier for you like never before. You can have free of cost in-home consultation without any such hidden charges. Our experts are going to be there for you to guides you towards a thoughtful decision.


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Friendly and lovely team. My blinds were fitted last week and look fabulous would highly recommend the company. The price is so good compared to other companies.



Pleased with the service provided. They came out to take measurements, gave a good price that beat many other companies I have spoken to and came back to fit the blinds sooner than they said they would! 100% recommended



Really polite, friendly and top pros. We had shutter blinds installed, really good quality material and installation was done really well. You can tell these guys know there stuff really well. Very honest in advising what may or may not be suitable.



Excellent service and blinds. We ordered some vertical blinds for our bifold door. They were ordered and fitted in a week. Would highly recommend. They even matched the material to a roller blind we already had.



Umer was a pleasure to deal with, a prompt, quality, service, delivered on price. Highly recommended.



Had blinds fitted 2 weeks ago and I was very impressed by the quality and fitting of them. The team were great throughout offering advice on the best blinds to fit my window and were always very responsive to any questions I asked. I couldn’t recommend them any higher and all of this quality at a reasonable price.


Lily Creview

Highly recommended, I am extremely happy with the blinds and installation service.
Very professional and fast service, I am a returning customer and will always use this company.

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