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Full Height Shutters

Beautiful Full Height Shutters in Dubai and UAE Available

24 7 Curtains and Blinds is the leading window treatment supplier. We offer high-quality beautiful full height shutters in Dubai, Sharjah and rest of UAE for every requirement. Our full window coverage shutters are designed from rigid materials that do the best job of maximizing daylight control, noise reduction, temperature insulation, privacy and attractive aesthetics. We have full height shutters for home windows including bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and all others. Also, we specialize in full height shutters for workspaces, offices and all other commercial windows as well. Get custom full window shutters in perfect fit sizes. We also offer a wide range of custom colors and finishes to choose from for specific interior design themes. So, get high-end full shutters for windows and avail all their benefits at affordable prices. Call us today or fill our form here to find out more.

Perfect Fit Full Height Shutters for Home and Workplace Windows

Custom made to measure full height shutters in Dubai and rest of UAE are available for all window requirements. When you want very elegant and minimalistic window treatments, these full shutters are some of the best options. Fitting right on to your windows, these shutters don’t bulge out at all when fully shut. We offer full height shutters for home windows and also office workplace windows as well. Add a solid layer of shutters on your windows and make rooms private. Control daylight fully for rooms. These shutters can be opened up completely letting in all of the daylight when required as well. Inside fitments on windows make them easy to operate while expanding on all required features. Get perfect fit shutters designed specifically for your window requirements. We offer doorstep delivery and additional fitting appointments for Dubai and Sharjah.


elegant and stylish designs


Custom Full Height Shutters in Dubai Available for Every Interior

24 7 Curtains and Blinds offers a wide range of customization options. Our custom made to measure full height shutters in Dubai, Sharjah and rest of UAE are available for every window requirement. Also, we provide a wide range of color and finish options to suit your interior décor perfectly. Get custom shutters for every room of house or commercial building as well. We can make your window treatments match the rest of interior décor theme in every room. Our elegant shutters improve the aesthetic of your rooms while also maximizing on all required features like privacy, daylight control and more. Place your order here on our store or call us any time to speak to professional window treatment experts.

Full Height Shutters for Bedroom

24 7 Curtains and Blinds offers high-quality full height shutters for bedrooms. These are available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit the interior décor in all bedrooms of your home.

Full Height Shutters for Living Room

Custom designed full height shutters in Dubai and UAE for living rooms are available any time. If you have living room windows opening on roadside, these can provide privacy and light control.

Full Height Shutters for Office

Get full window shutters for office windows with elegant and minimalistic designs. Our window treatments expand on your office interior décor while offering daylight and noise control too.

Full Height Shutters for Commercial Windows

Shutters are some of the most rigid and longest lasting window treatments for commercial setups. Get custom designed perfect fit full shutters for commercial windows in UAE

You can choose from essential hybrawood, natural hardwood or waterproof pvc. they are fitted as a single panel that can open and close on one hinge or two hinges just like a door.

Made to Measure Café Style Shutters for Every Window

Order Full Height Shutters in Dubai and UAE Today

Window Measurement

Measure your windows or get our experts to measure them for you. Window measuring is very important when looking for perfect fit custom full height shutters for all windows.

Book and Get Delivery

Book your full shutters in the required sizes here on our store or call us any time. We provide quick and safe delivery right to your doorstep for window treatments of all kinds.

24/7 Support

Get additional fitting for your full height shutters. We provide fitting for home shutters, office and commercial shutters as well anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah any day of the week.

High-Quality Durable Materials for Full Height Shutters in Dubai and UAE

Shutters are solid window treatments. 24 7 Curtains and Blinds ensures high-quality materials for our full height shutters in Dubai and UAE. These treatments are designed from high-end composite materials that grace your windows in style and a lot of luxury. The minimalistic aesthetic of these full shutters and the quality materials combine to make your window treatments last very long while looking great. You will also find these very easy to clean. Most of the stains and foreign particles can be cleaned off just by wiping them off with a wet clean cloth. Call us now to find out more.

Combine Privacy, Temperature Insulation, Noise Reduction and Daylight Control

Full height shutters from 24 7 Curtains and Blinds are the best window treatment options when looking to combine daylight control, privacy, temperature insulation and noise reduction. These are solid shutters that completely close your windows off from the outside. When fully shut, you will experience very peaceful private interior rooms in the house.

  • Full height shutters for complete interior privacy available
  • Great levels of daylight control available with full shutters
  • High degree of outside noise reduction for interior rooms
  • Very good temperature insulation to regular room environment
  • Combine all window treatment features into one with full shutters
  • Easy to open and close on windows with perfect fit sizes

Affordable Prices for Top-Quality Full Height Shutters in the UAE

24 7 Curtains and blinds specializes in affordable window treatment options. Our affordably prices full height shutters in Dubai and UAE are what you need to make your interiors the way you want. These are available in custom colors and sizes to suit any interior requirement perfectly. Also, expand on their features including daylight control and privacy with great aesthetics for your bedroom, living room or office interior. Our custom designed shutters will last long while making your windows look bright. Select from a range of colors and get affordable full height shutters in Dubai and UAE any time.


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Friendly and lovely team. My blinds were fitted last week and look fabulous would highly recommend the company. The price is so good compared to other companies.



Pleased with the service provided. They came out to take measurements, gave a good price that beat many other companies I have spoken to and came back to fit the blinds sooner than they said they would! 100% recommended



Really polite, friendly and top pros. We had shutter blinds installed, really good quality material and installation was done really well. You can tell these guys know there stuff really well. Very honest in advising what may or may not be suitable.



Excellent service and blinds. We ordered some vertical blinds for our bifold door. They were ordered and fitted in a week. Would highly recommend. They even matched the material to a roller blind we already had.



Umer was a pleasure to deal with, a prompt, quality, service, delivered on price. Highly recommended.



Had blinds fitted 2 weeks ago and I was very impressed by the quality and fitting of them. The team were great throughout offering advice on the best blinds to fit my window and were always very responsive to any questions I asked. I couldn’t recommend them any higher and all of this quality at a reasonable price.


Lily Creview

Highly recommended, I am extremely happy with the blinds and installation service.
Very professional and fast service, I am a returning customer and will always use this company.


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