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High-Quality Blackout Blinds For Bathroom in Dubai

Blackout Blinds For Bathroom


Welcome to 247 curtains and blinds, where we specialize in providing high-quality window treatment for every room in your home. But here we’ll discuss why blackout window blinds are good for your bathroom.

What are blackout window blinds? Blackout window blinds are the type of window coverings with a general purpose of offering supreme level of blackout capabilities to your space. There are number of benefits that blackout blinds can offer to your bathroom to overall enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Here, we will dive deep in the world of blackout window blinds, discussing why they are ideal for bathrooms, the different types of blackout blinds, so, surely you can have desired variation in your bathroom, and importantly this will help you figuring out perfect blackout blinds for your bathroom needs.


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Blackout Blinds Dubai
Blackout Blinds Dubai
Blackout Roller Blinds Dubai

Blackout Blinds for Bathroom

Get bathroom blackout blinds in Dubai and UAE in accurate sizes. Our daylight control blinds for bathroom provide 100% daylight control. Lights out or daylight illumination at your fingertips.

Blackout Roller Blinds for Living Room

Get full blackout blinds to block away natural daylight that can make things too bright. We provide office blackout blinds for workspace requirements of all types in all sizes.

Blackout Roller Blinds for Dining Room

24 7 Curtains and Blinds ensures very accurate perfect fit blackout blinds for dining room. Our made to measure window treatments cover your windows with style and perfect fit sizes.

Blackout Blinds for Privacy Room

Do you need blackout blinds for your privacy room? Achieve full daylight control for any privacy room of the house. We provide perfect window treatments for any requirement.

How To Select The Perfect Blackout Window Blinds For Your Bathroom?

There is checklist below that can help you find a right blackout window blind for your bathroom:

  1. Size of the window – The first thing here to consider is the dimensions of your bathroom windows. You need to be sure that whatever blackout window blind you choose will fit perfectly, because only than they will provide sharp light filtering and complete privacy.
  2. Material – The material of the blackout window blinds is the main thing behind its blackout capabilities. You need to select a window blind that is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and importantly, no matter if it is heavy or thick, natural or synthetic, its opacity has to be very high so that the transparency is very low.
  3. Price – Finally, you want to consider the price of the window blinds, keep in mind that blackout window blinds of any style is surely going to more in cost than regular window blinds. But, at the end blackout window blinds are surely a fruitful investment.
Window Blackout Blinds Dubai

Types Of Blackout Blinds

When it come to selecting the perfect set of blackout window blinds for your bathroom, there are number of precautions to consider adding in your check list. Here are some of the most popular types of blackout window blinds:

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are among the top recommended window blinds for any place but due to their synthetic nature roller blinds are primarily ideal for bathroom use. Roller blinds are impressively easy to deal with, they are easy to clean and maintain. And for your comfort, roller blinds comes in wide range of variety so you can have one rightly on to your likes and dislikes.

Roman Blinds

In case, you want your bathroom to be traditionally appeal, than roman blinds are surely a mature move forward. They are an elegant option to consider for your bathroom but having roman blinds in your bathroom requires you to take care of them intensively. Because roman blinds are expensive because they are made from high-end materials like cotton, silk, and linen, and also roman blinds can be customized to made to fit, easily.

Window Blackout Blinds Dubai

Easy Blackout Blinds in Dubai Process

Free Measurement

Get free window measurement in Dubai and Sharjah. Our free measurement experts take very accurate window sizes to design and finish your blackout blinds in perfect fittings.

Schedule Fitting/Delivery

Once your blinds are finished up, we can provide optional fitting for them as well. Get your blinds fitted with perfect attention to detail. There is no room for error at all.

24/7 Support

24 7 Curtains and Blinds ensures around the clock support for all our products. Call us any time for maintenance or upgrade to new styles and finishes of blackout blinds in Dubai.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are impressive option in case you are having large windows in your bathroom, as vertical blinds are good alternative to window curtains and window curtains are not ideal for the bathroom so vertical blinds are an ideal choice for bathroom. They are synthetic materials-based, hence, right on the requirements vertical blinds are very easy to clean and maintain even in the bathroom.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are among the oldest of window blinds. They are made of real wood but can be made of faux wood and vinyl too. It is recommended to choose faux wood and vinyl, in case, you your Venetian blinds in your bathroom, because wooden-based Venetian blinds are expensive and can damaged badly in places like the bathroom because of the high level of humidity and moisture in those places.

First, Are Blackout Window Blinds Ideal For The Bathroom?

Bathrooms are places where privacy and comfort are essential. There you want to be able to relax and unwind without worrying about seeing in. blackout window blinds are enough for that alone, as they offer complete privacy, blocking out the sun for you, and providing a calm and cozy atmosphere in your bathroom.

In case, your bathroom is street facing than blackout window blinds are very important to stay away from the lights and eyes of outside, which is surely important to take a bath and shower in the evening.

Also, blackout window blinds can help you reduce noise levels in your bathroom too. Providing you with nice and quite environment. And surely this can be important if you live around a busy or noisy area.


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